Monday, September 21, 2015

Wake up call!!!

Last Thursday I decided to start watching 28 days. I love Sandra Bullock but have never watched the movie. I wake really early for work so I only got through half, but I have a bit of a crazy story with it. I have a sibling who was married a few years ago and I was a bridesmaid. As I watched the beginning of the movie as she runs late and falls into the cake and is just a mess I thought 'Thank goodness I was not that bad!' Then this past Friday night (the next night), I was out with my cousin for dinner and she said to me,

C - Jenn, do you remember using a blotting cloth of mine and grabbing like 8 and putting them all over your face?'
Me - Yah, ha ha ha, I was so hot and oily'
(I was thinking really? did I do that?)
C - 'Yah, you were pretty drunk, hey?'
Me - Not really. I think I was just tired and hot and.....well maybe a bit drunk.

This got me thinking that I thought I remembered that night well and didn't get that drunk, but clearly I was wrong. My point is that I am lucky that I didn't land on the cake I guess and looking at my life from my sober lens is really making me realize just how bad it was even when I thought I was doing good and had control.
So maybe a bit drunk???? I guess I must have been really drunk and thank goodness they cut the cake early!

Happy Day 12 to me!

<3 Jenn

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