Monday, September 14, 2015

How did I get here and where am I going?

I have been reflecting on my life and I have been a problem drinker since I was probably 16. I had my first drink at 12. I had stumbled down stairs at 16 and by 18-19 I was puking in bed (on a couple occasions). I met my husband at 19 and we got married when I was 21 and along came my first born. It was a miracle cure for me. I barely drank. I would on a very odd weekend and sometimes would get pretty loaded, but I didn't see a problem at all. It was just fun. At 24, I had my second child and still kept strong. Didn't think about it. I drank casually and once in a while on a night out would get drunk. Now looking back, I always had a problem, I was just too busy and too broke to drink regularly. As my kids got older and more independent I got more comfortable with drinking. wine and beer (I think that by drinking these two types made me feel that I wasn't an alcoholic - after all I wasn't drinking a mickey of hard alcohol out of a paper bag). But I have been known to take one last swig out of the wine bottle in my recent years so that's just as bad, isn't it? I just did it privately. So that is a bit of the story on how I got here and where I'm going is UP!!!
I'm strong on day 6 today and am feeling pretty good right now.

I hope everyone is doing well!

Jenn <3

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