Monday, October 19, 2015

I went to AA....

I hadn't planned on going because I had gone 37 days without at that point.

But something crazy happened with a very close family member and they needed to go, so I went with them to support them and was surprised by it. I thought it would be very religious and I am not that but it was a community of people (some who are pretty bad off and others not so much) that are working toward the same goal. I met some very nice people and I will go back. I don't know for how long but I will continue to support this person (as we all know, it is a decision that has to be done on an individual basis) and reap the benefits at the same time!

Today I am 40 days sober and loving it. I have been so present with my family and in a place of being able to be understanding and helpful rather than resentful and turning to drink because of the problems faced with my family member.

I hope you are all doing well.

<3 Jenn

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